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  1. QUALITY & R&D


Ladin Furniture is one of the most reputable firms within the furniture sector, which is the only firm in Turkey making profile case manufacture and owning its own electrostatic dye plant.

Our main task is; to design and manufacture comfortable, aesthetical, healthy, eco-friendly products at world standards with the sense of utmost quality. Main target of our a quarter-century year old firm is to be the first recalled brand within furniture market when quality is in question.


Our quality principle can be summarized with this sole phrase;

Customer Satisfaction is our Number 1 duty.

Quality First. We should have excellent product and service quality to maintain customer satisfaction.  

Our Customers are focus of our duty. We have to assure trust and loyalty of our customers by considering our customers in our every activity on the first place and providing more excellent product and service than our competitors.

Constant improvement and investment on R&D are fundamentals of our achievement. We must target brilliance for all our activities. We have to make our improvement studies become a daily lifestyle in order to be brilliant in value, reliability and actuality of our products, our relations with people, our capacity of competition and profitability. In this sense, our managers determine quality targets of our company and assure their penetration to each level, then review them regularly and determine improvement occasions.

Teamwork is our lifestyle. We are a family. We trust and respect each other. We make every endeavour to ensure a work environment based on an open and mutually active communication far from prejudice within our company in order to understand each other, trust and support each other.

Our regional directorates, regional distributors and authorized dealers are our business partners. Our principle is to ensure mutual benefit and grow together in our relationships with regional directorates, regional distributors, authorized dealers and other institutions we do business with.

Honesty is indispensible. We have to gain reputation within our environment by making contribution to public through honest ways in all activities of our company. We are open to every person of any gender without any exception of ethnic origin or personal faith.

Rules of Excellent Total Quality

The principle “Perfection in Total Quality” is internalized by management of Ladin Furniture. This principle can be expressed as “Whatever we do shall be the most brilliant one”.

We have to be “Excellent” in implementation of our main task, values and principles. Quality of products and services must be our “Number 1” priority in order to bring customer satisfaction to perfection.

 “Customer” determines quality level.

The shortest way to reach excellent total quality is to take precautions to avoid from problems rather than seeking solutions for problems occurred.

Every action carried out by all employees, regional directorates, regional distributors, authorized dealers of our company is a part of customer-oriented product or service process.

All processes (supporting production and sales including but not limited to production processes) should be reviewed, improved and developed constantly, to achieve Excellent Total Quality.

It is essential that our employees shall create ideas and act in a certain plan in order to achieve these developments.

All of us are customers of each other and every customer has right to expect the excellent.

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